Appointments and walk-ins

We offer 20-minute advising appointments as well as walk-in hours for eligible students to meet with their advisors. If you are unsure which advisor you should be seeing, you can use the form below to find out. Advising services are strictly for undergraduates, alumni, and Science in the Evening students at the University of Maryland, College Park. Post-bacc students who are not in SIE and graduate students who are not completing their basic sciences at Maryland are welcome to attend our public information sessions, but are not eligible for one-on-one advising.Note that the advisor that you are eligible to see is dependent on your career track as well as your year in school. If you make an appointment with an advisor that you are not eligible to see, your appointment may be cancelled. Please note: appointments are best in person but can also be conducted by phone in the event that you are not local. Please notify us of that plan by emailing

Prospective students to the University of Maryland should contact Admissions for information.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only see available appointments for the next 3 weeks. If you see no availability at this time, please check back often as new appointments will become visible every few days. Please refer to our website for current walk-in hours and cancellations

*Appointments are 15 minutes long and will be verified at least 2 days prior to the scheduled date. 

*Students are limited to having only one appointment within a 4 week period and no more than two advising appointments per semester. Students may utilize walk-ins for other needed advising. This policy exists so that we can see as many students as possible. 

*If you have made your appointment with the wrong advisor, scheduled more than one appointment at a time, or scheduled an appointment within 4 weeks of your last advising session, your appointment will be cancelled. 

*If you no-show or arrive more than 5 minutes late for your appointment, you will forfeit your appointment, your account will be deactivated for the remainder of the semester, and you will have to utilize walk-in hours exclusively.

What’s what for Appointments & Walk-Ins:

Topics for Walk-ins:

  • Discussing whether or not to enroll in or drop a course

  • Seeking brief support on a specific issue academically or in your extracurricular activities

  • Updating advisors on major selection changes, extracurricular changes, etc.

  • Advising regarding extracurricular activity selection

  • Brief advising regarding the application process, including recommendation challenges, school lists, etc. 

  • Other general advising topics

Topics for Advising Appointments:

  • Reviewing academic plans and extracurricular timelines

  • Reviewing goals for the semester, especially related to classes, clinical, community service, research, etc.

  • Discussing major changes, professional school lists, career fields, etc.

  • Reflecting on who to seek support from in securing recommendations and personal statement help

  • Identifying best steps to take in developing a competitive applicant profile

  • Other general advising topics 



Wendy’s walk-ins will be cancelled 7/31 and 8/7!

Nick’s walk-ins will be cancelled 7/30, 8/1, 8/6, 8/8, 8/13, & 8/15!

Becca’s walk-ins will be cancelled 8/15!

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Appointments and
Intro Workshops

You can see and/or book appointments up to three (3) weeks in advance. You must attend an Intro Workshop before you are able to sign up for an advising appointment. Please fill out an Advising Form before you come to the office. See graphic below for information on how to set up an appointment!

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For dates and times, please view our Complete Events Calendar.

Introductory Workshop (Freshmen and other students JUST choosing to join the Pre-Med/Dent Track)

This introductory workshop is intended for anyone starting out on their journey toward Medical/Dental/Optometry/Podiatry school. All students are required to attend a session prior to scheduling a one-on-one advising appointment. Fershman, Sophomores and transfer students are required to attend this workshop prior to one-on-one advising with a pre-health advisor and may be directed to attend a workshop first at the discretion of the HPAO advising staff. Room location can be found in the title on Appointment Plus.

Topics include:

  • Suggestions for academic planning

  • Clinical, research and community service opportunities

  • The medical and dental school application process

  • Q&A with a pre-health advisor in a small-group setting

Register for an Intro Workshop! Students must pre-register for these workshops! 

Note: Seats are limited for workshops, thus no-showing is highly discouraged and may prevent another student from attending that workshop.  If you are unable to attend your scheduled session, you should cancel via our online appointment system, Appointment-Plus, within 48 hours. 

Introductory Workshop for Physician Assistant Students: 

This introductory workshop is intended for anyone interested in learning more about the path toward becoming a Physician Assistant. Students from all academic years and majors are invited to attend. Topics will include:

·      What is a Physician Assistant?
·      General Admissions Requirements for PA Programs
·      Recommended Clinical Experience
·      Recommended Service, Volunteer Work, and Leadership
·      The Standardized Exam (GRE)
·      The Application Process (CASPA) and Timeline

The presenter will leave time at the end of the presentation for questions. Students must pre-register for these workshops! 


Juniors/Seniors/Alumni/SIE: Navigating the Application Process

Suggested for Juniors, Seniors, Alumni and SIE students.

Offered in the Spring. All students planning to utilize the credentials process and to seek a committee letter from the HPAO for their application are expected to attend a session.  Sessions in the Spring are a continuation of the topics discussed at sessions in the fall, but there will be more detail on the application process itself.


The Personal Statement

This workshop is offered only in the Spring semester and will cover various aspects to writing a personal statement for professional school applications.



Juniors/Seniors: Am I Ready?

Suggested for Juniors, Seniors, Alumni and SIE students.

Offered in the Fall. All students planning to utilize the credentials process and to seek a committee letter from the HPAO for their application are expected to attend a session. Walk-ins or advising appointments should not be used to gain this general information.


Letters of Recommendation: How to Develop Professional Relationships

This workshop will cover various issues involving the process of obtaining letters of recommendation for professional school applications. 

SIE Workshops

Workshops with our SIE advisor  will cover the same topics as the "Am I Ready" and "Navigating the Application Cycle" sessions as well as some particulars pertaining to Science in the Evening and Post-Bacc students. All students are welcome to attend any session.

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