Professional School Application Expenses

It is important that that you begin planning for your professional school application process financially as well as academically. Applying to professional schools is an expensive process. Here is a guide of what you may expect to spend from beginning to completion. These fees are current as of 2017/2018. Take the following costs into consideration when planning your budget. We recommend you check the appropriate professional school websites for any changes. 

A Fee Assistance Program (FAP) is available for students who prove extreme financial need (For AMCAS, AACOMAS, and AADSAS)

Exam Fees

Regular Examination Fee$315.00 ($370 1-2 Weeks Prior to Test Date)
Cancellation Refund$155.00 (Refunds given up to 1 month before test date)
Change of Test Center/Date Fee$90.00 (1 month before) or $150.00 (3-4 weeks before)
International Fee$105.00
Exam Fee (includes official score reporting to your selected schools)$445.00
Rescheduling$25.00 (1 month prior to test date); $60.00 (6-30 days prior); $100.00 (1-5 days prior)
Registration Fee$450.00
Rescheduling Fee$25.00 within a month before
General Exam$205.00
Rescheduling Fee$50.00
Late Registration Fee$25.00
Change Test Center Fee$50.00

Professional School Applications

Allopathic Schools--AMCASFee
First School$160.00
Each Additional School$38.00
Osteopathic Schools- AACOMASFee
First School$195.00
Each Additional School$45.00
Dental Schools- AADSASFee
First School$245.00
Each Additional School$99.00
Podiatric Schools- AACPMASFee
Number of CollegesProcessing Fee

*Fee for additional designations after e-Delivery of application: $50.00 for each school 

Optometry Schools -OptomCASFee
First Program$170.00
Each additional program$70.00

Secondary/Supplemental Application Fees                                                                                                             

Each professional school will establish its own fee. Please check the specific school.

Allopathic (Fees will range from $0 to 150.00)
Osteopathic (Fees will range from $0 to 100.00)
Dental (Fees will range from $0 to 250.00)
Podiatry and Optometry (Check with individual schools)

Interview Costs

Students often overlook the costs of attending interviews. Travel expenses vary based on the number of interviews you are attending and the geographic location of the institutions. You also need to consider the cost of lodging, meals, and professional attire. You may want to invest in comfortable shoes because your interview day often involves walking around campus.

Admissions Deposit

Once you have been made an offer by professional schools, they may require you to submit a deposit to reserve your seat in the entering class. The amount will vary by school. You are advised to submit this fee to reserve your seat. All schools will provide a date to which this fee is refundable (if it is refundable at all) in case you decide to withdraw and matriculate at another school. 

Interview Costs

Travel (airfare, train, taxi)

Lodging (per night)

Meals (B, L, D)




Total Interview Costs

Admission Deposit

Total Expenses

Printable Budget Planner