veCollect Account Registration (More information)

First-Time Applicant Committee Letter Packet (More information) = $90

Re-Applicant Committee Letter Packet (More Information) = $20

To access these forms, you must first make your payment. Once your payment is successful, you will have one-time access to the forms, so plan to fill out the appropriate form(s) immediately. For the Pre-Health Packet (when available), you MUST at least fill out your name and email address and press SAVE so you can return to the packet later.

ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, so be sure to enter the correct amount before submitting. No one should pay more than $90 total (you are either a First-Time or Re-Applicant; you cannot be both).

If you are unsure* about the amount you owe or have any other payment-related issues, please call the office at 301-405-7805 PRIOR to submitting payment. 

*For students who previously submitted a packet but withdrew prior to completing a mock interview, you will be required to submit a new First-Time Applicant Pre-Health packet. However, these students do not have to pay another application fee to access the packet. These students should e-mail to get a link to access the 2019 cycle packet. 

Students who submitted a packet, completed the mock interview, but never applied to Medical/Dental/Optometry/Podiatry schools will need to submit the Re-Applicant Pre-Health packet and pay the $20 fee.

The following checklist will appear again on the first page of the Pre-Health Packet.  Please be sure you meet eligibility requirements before you purchase the packet.  Refunds will not be available for students who are not eligible!


  • I have submitted the appropriate payment ($90 for first-time applicants) and opened a veCollect account (link here to forms and resources page)
  • I am on the HPAO listserv. Applicants are required to subscribe!
  • I will release my common application to my advisor
  • I have requested official transcripts to be sent to HPAO (original or photocopy; we will not accept unofficial) from all colleges and universities attended, including UMD. Transcripts are used for internal purposes only and will not be forwarded to schools.
  • I understand that if I have never met with an HPAO advisor one-on-one at any point, that information will be in my Committee Letter. 
  • I have not previously applied and been admitted to professional school utilizing the HPAO committee process, nor have I completed any semesters at a medical, dental, optometry or podiatry school in or outside of the United States.
  • I understand that HPAO will not forward any letter packets that do not include science letters of recommendation.
  • I have read over the Applicant Timeline, posted on the HPAO website, prior to submitting this packet.
  • I have taken or am currently taking the following courses and have earned a grade of C or better in each:
    • 2 courses in biology (with labs)
    • 2 courses in general chemistry (with labs)
    • 2 courses in organic chemistry (with labs)
    • PHYS I and PHYS II (pre-dental students excluded*)
    • BCHM (pre-dental, pre-OPT students excluded*)


*PHYS and BCHM are very often requirements for dental and optometry school.  PHYS is not tested on the DAT and BCHM is not tested on the DAT or OAT; thus they are not eligibility requirements for a committee letter but may still be a requirement for the professional school you are applying to. It is possible to be completing them as you apply to dental and optometry school.