Mock Interview

Mock interviews are conducted as part of the HPAO Committee Process. Once your Pre-Health Packet has been reviewed and you have received the email from an HPAO adviser inviting you to set up your mock interview, you will be instructed to contact to make those arrangements. The completion of your Committee Letter hinges entirely on your mock interview, so you should call Mike immediately after your committee packet review to avoid delays.

The mock interview will be scheduled with a member of the University of Maryland community - faculty or staff member - who will spend about an hour with you, taking you through a formal interview that will prepare you for your professional school interviews. The interviewer will ask a variety of questions, including some intended to provide information for the Committee Letter and some intended to help you anticipate and try out your answers to typical professional school interviews. At the conclusion or possibly throughout the interview, you will receive feedback on how you did based on your responses, body language, communication skills, etc. Feel free to take notes of the feedback you receive at the conclusion of your interview, as no written feedback will be provided by your interviewer. 

You should treat this as a formal interview and should dress accordingly. You should prepare by looking over the Interviews & Follow-up  so that you are in the best position to benefit from the feedback you will receive. 

There is only one mock interview available per candidate and re-applicants will not re-interview.

The interviewer is then asked to return their notes to the HPAO within three weeks of the interview, after which time your Committee Letter can be drafted, provided we have received your MCAT/DAT/OAT scores. Please note that since our interviewers also hold full-time jobs, they may take slightly longer than three weeks to return their notes.