Academic Timeline

Academic Planning During Your College Career

1. Pre-Health Track: Taking the pre-requisites courses

Eligible students for a committee letter will have completed, with a grade of C or better, the following required courses: 2 courses in biology with a lab; 2 courses in general chemistry (with labs); 2 courses in organic chemistry (with labs); 2 courses in physics (with lab) and Biochemistry.  All of these courses must be completed by June 1 of the summer in which you plan to apply.

2. Choosing a Major: Choose a subject that you are passionate about!

Clinical / Volunteer / Research Opportunities

1. Found on and off campus

Admissions Process

1. Letters of Recommendation
2. Entrance Exams


1. Transition to campus climate & culture

2. Familiarize yourself with campus resources
3. Attend Pre-Health workshops
4. Enroll & successfully complete required prerequisite courses

  • Begin required math sequence
  • Begin required CHEM sequence in most cases 131/32 and 231/32
  • BSCI 170/171 (Formerly BSCI 105 for student who matriculated prior to Fall 2016).

5. Develop good study skills & habits
6. Identify Pre-Health student organizations
7. Identify volunteer & community service opportunities

Sophomore Year

1. Enroll & successfully complete required premedical courses
2. Meet with Academic and Pre-Health Advisor
3. Participate in Volunteer, Community service & Research opportunities, and particularly clinical experiences

  • Complete required math sequence
  • Continue with required CHEM sequence, 241/42 and 271/72 in most cases
  • Consider other 200 level BSCI recommended courses before moving on to cell biology

4. Research health professional schools
5. Consider a broad course selection
6. Identify courses/majors where you can develop strong foundations in critical thinking, writing, reading & communication
7. Develop relationships with professors

Junior Year - Senior Year

1. Attend the Pre-Health workshops that cover the HPAO Committee Letter  and application process

2. MCAT exam taken for medical school when offered (consult AAMC web site for deadlines to register and for exam dates). Ideally by May or June at the latest of application year.

3. Schedule prep courses for standardized tests if desired

4. See timeline  for applicants

5. Submit common applications

Senior Year - Gap Year

1. Interviews
2. Admissions Offers
3. Graduate from College

Information for Re-Applicants