Volunteer Opportunities

Professional schools look for applicants who display dedication to service and helping others.  Please utilize the extensive list below to find service opportunities around you. Additionally, please visit the Leadership and Community Service-Learning Office here at UMD for more help!

College Park/P.G. County

Montgomery County

Washington, D. C.


Other Maryland Opportunities

Other States

Nationwide / Multiple Locations

International Volunteer Opportunities

HPAO Disclaimer: The unlicensed treatment of patients outside of the United States is unethical, possibly illegal, and most certainly harmful to the communities that they are supposed to be serving. Please review the Ethical Principles Guidelines for Providing Patient Care for medicine and dentistry.

HPAO does not endorse the programs listed below, with the exception of the UMD Study Abroad Office. Students should carefully research the programs they are considering.

Study Abroad: UMD Education Abroad

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