Summer Programs

Summer Programs provide students with a number of key exposure experiences and skill development activities in a structured format. Most of these programs have deadlines in the late fall or early spring semester, so it is important to research these opportunities early. Also browse medical school websites for any other possible opportunities.

We at the HPAO have taken the time to update and compile some information on some programs for our students! Click to access the PDF

The National Association of Advisors in the Health Professions (NAAHP) also maintains a list of summer programs:


Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University: Minority Student Summer Research Opportunity Program (MSSROP)

MSSROP is designed for undergraduate students who are members of historically underrepresented racial and cultural groups (African American, Mainland Puerto Rican, Native American Indian, and Mexican American) who have a strong interest in a research career in biochemical and biological sciences.

Contact information: 
Office of Minority Student Affairs
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1300 Morris Park Avenue, Room 205 Belfer Bronx, NY 10461
Phone: (718) 430-3091
Fax: (718) 430-8825

Case Western Reserve University Summer Programs

CWRU offers a variety of summer programs, including a School of Medicine Summer Medical Dental Education Program, Academic Careers in Engineering and Science for Minority Students, and more.

A complete list of programs can be found here: 


Columbia University Summer Internships in Biology

Within each category, sites are listed more or less geographically, radiating outward from the center of our universe (Morningside Heights).

Contact Information:
Dixie McCulloch

Des Moines University Health Professions Advanced Summer Scholars Program

Health P.A.S.S. will provide participants with well-rounded perspectives on what it’s like to be a medical school student in osteopathic medicine, podiatric medicine and surgery, physical therapy and physician assistant studies. In the program’s courses, clinical opportunities and practical exposure, students will gain the confidence that they can achieve a degree and career in any of Des Moines University’s four clinical areas- and the knowledge they need to get started.


Georgetown Summer Medical Institute (GSMI)

GSMI experience provides a unique opportunity for immersion in the medical environment at Georgetown. The summer program offerings include Gross Anatomy and Biochemistry (both are based on our medical school courses), and the program package includes one of those courses, as well as our Physician and Society seminar series to round out the experience. This program, combined with the excellent, informative and supportive environment at GUSOM will provide excellent preparation and insight for individuals exploring the calling of medicine as a career.

Contact information: 



Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine: A Summer Course for Undergraduates (Human Anatomy)

This is a four week course that meets for 4 hours each day, 5 days a week. It is designed to give undergraduate students an introduction to all aspects of human anatomy, and includes demonstrations using human cadavers. Lectures on each topic will be given in the morning, followed by pro-section demonstrations (i.e., dissections prepared by departmental staff and presented to students) on human cadavers in the afternoon. Course materials will also involve hands-on work with human bones, various imaging modalities (e.g., radiographs, CT scans), and computer programs. The students' performance will be evaluated by both written and practical (cadaver- based) exams. To allow individualized instruction, the course is limited in enrollment.

Contact information: 
Ms. Arlene Daniel


Mayo Clinic College of Medicine Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

SURF is sponsored by Mayo Graduate School, is a great way to build your skills as a young scientist or test your inclinations toward research. Each year, 70-80 undergraduate students from around the United States come to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., to work beside both young and established scientists on a broad range of biomedical research questions. Up to ten fellowships are also available at Mayo's campuses in Scottsdale, Arizona and Jacksonville, Florida. The program begins May 27, 2008 and ends August 1, 2008.

Glenda Mueller
Student Recruitment Programs Coordinator
Mayo Graduate School
200 First Street SW Rochester, MN 55905
(507) 284-3862
Fax: (507) 284-0999

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine Post Baccalaureate Research

This is one of the largest and most unique elements of the Mayo Clinic Initiative for Minority Student Development. A significant number of talented minority students approach college graduation not quite ready to jump into graduate training. Some students discover research late in their college careers and have too little research experience to be certain it is the right career path for them.


MD/PhD Summer Undergraduate Research Programs

While nearly every graduate school has a summer program (and some of these schools have slots reserved for pre-MD/PhD students), there are twelve MD-PhD Programs which run their own summer programs. 
For a listing of these summer programs, and other useful MD-PhD related information, please refer to the AAMC website: or

The Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

The SURF program provides a wide variety of summer research opportunities for undergraduate students interested in careers in medicine or biomedical research. Participants in this program work in an active research lab under the guidance of a biomedical science faculty member. The goal is to expose students to the challenges, excitement and satisfaction of research. The SURF program is 7 weeks in length and includes room & board, a living allowance, 8 quarter hours of biology credit and the potential for a guaranteed interview for the entering class at the medical school. 

Phone: 800-345-1560

New York University School of Medicine, Sackler Institute of Biomedical Sciences

The Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences and the Office of Minority Affairs invites applications from students for participation in a summer research internship program in the medical sciences at New York University Medical Center. The purpose of the program is to give students who may be interested in pursuing careers in the biomedical sciences (PhD, MD or MD-PhD) the opportunity to conduct research and to be exposed to the excitement of an academic medical environment at a major research center.



Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester has a great website for Summer 2010 Biology & Biotechnology Paid Co-op/Internships with a separate listing for programs that may NOT require US citizenship or PR status:

Roswell Park Cancer Institute Summer Oncology Research Program

Roswell Park exposes trainees to the challenges and rewards of a career in oncology. Each year, 20 students are recruited from across the United States. Trainees spend eight weeks at the Institute engaged in clinical shadowing as well as participating in clinical and basic scientific research. Trainees also gather once a week to participate in seminars on prevention and methods of clinical research.


Summer Medical and Dental Education Programs

Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is a six-week summer enrichment program for rising sophomores and rising juniors interested in medical or dental careers. This program is hosted at twelve medical and/or dental institutions nationwide.


Swarthmore College

Swarthmore provides a good list of summer programs and clinicalopportunities on their website at:

Tufts University Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences

They offer 10-week summer internships for undergraduates interested in pursuing research careers in the biomedical sciences, beginning the first week of June. Research under supervision of faculty mentors and presents the results a symposium.


UCLA Summer Programs

Premedical/Predental Enrichment Program (PREP) is a seven week summer academic enrichment program that targets students from disadvantaged/underrepresented backgrounds. Students are exposed to the rigors of academic medicine and dentistry. Included are preceptor ships with physicians in clinical and research settings. The program is enhanced by students being mentored in intimate, structured cluster groups by trained teaching assistants; accomplished medical students. The program is free, however housing is not provided. A stipend is given to students for living expenses.


Summer Medical Dental Education Program (SMDEP) is a six-week summer academic enrichment program that targets educationally and financially disadvantaged freshman and sophomore college students by providing intensive and personalized medical and dental school preparation. This national program is funded through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The program is free.


University of Connecticut Health Center

The health center offers summer programs designed to stimulate the interest of students in the health profession. Our summer programs are for disadvantaged students interested in a career in medicine, dental medicine, biomedical research, nursing or allied health.

  1. The Medical/Dental Preparatory Program (MDPP) is designed to simulate the first year of medical and dental school for college sophomores, juniors and seniors. MDPP students are assigned to a clinical preceptor who provides an introduction to clinical medicine or dental medicine. MCAT/DAT exam preparation is provided.

  2. The Summer Research Fellowship Program (SREP) is designed for college premedical/predental students who have completed all requirements for medical and dental school. These students spend ten weeks of summer in the laboratory of one of our research scientist.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Medical Education Development (MED) Program

This MED program provides demanding academic preparation on the level of beginning medical/dental studies for rising college seniors and postgraduates planning to apply to medical or dental school in the fall. Students are engaged in over 200 scheduled class and lab hours in Gross Anatomy, Histology, Physiology or Dental Theory and Technique. Individualized work in learning, study and test-taking skills will be provided in addition to pre-professional counseling, seminars, workshops, and orientation to the medical and dental school environment.

Contact information: 
Teresa Butler Email: 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Summer Pre-Graduate Research Experience (SPGRE) Program]

This summer, the 2007 Summer Pre-Graduate Research Experience (SPGRE) Program will be in its nineteenth year of offering undergraduate students throughout the country the opportunity to work full-time on research projects under the direction of UNC-CH faculty members and to conduct high quality research. This ten-week research education program is designed for students sincerely interested in pursuing the Ph.D. degree. SPGRE is one effort to address the obvious shortage of Ph.D. recipients from African American, American Indian, Mexican American, and Puerto Rican populations. We, of course, have particular interests in students interested in Ph.D. programs at UNC-CH. Preferences will be given to students who have completed their junior year. Those not eligible to participate are: Freshmen, students who have graduated before or during the program, and students not US citizens or permanent residents. 


University of Maryland Baltimore County: Biomedical Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (BSURE)

BSURE is a summer research training program for talented undergraduates who are dedicated to the advancement of underrepresented groups in the sciences and mathematics. BSURE is a comprehensive summer research program targeting underrepresented groups that will develop student preparedness for an interest in biomedical research careers related to diseases relevant to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK.)

Contact information: 
Kathy Lee Sutphin
UMBC Department of Biological Sciences
1000 Hilltop Circle Baltimore, MD 21250
Telephone: 410-455-2271

University of Maryland International Education Services (Study Abroad)

IES offers students an international educational experience that can help an applicant stand out. Maryland offers year and semester long programs, as well as short term offerings during summer and winter sessions. Many programs have no foreign language requirement and offer both resident and transfer credit. With careful planning, pre-medical students can choose to take their required coursework abroad or focus on electives and CORE requirements

Contact information: 
Telephone: (301-314-7746) 
Email: , or stop by the office (1101 Holzapfel Hall) 

University of Miami School of Medicine - Minority Students Health Careers Motivation Program

This program has been involved in assisting students to move toward their goal of becoming physicians. The program is seven weeks in length and provides accepted students with the opportunity to gain first hand knowledge of the requirements of a medical education.

Contact information: Astrid K. Mack, Ph.D. 

Vanderbilt Minority Summer Science Academy

The Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy (VSSA) gives college students earning a four-year degree the opportunity to participate in both research and clinical patient care at an academic medical center. This program is designed for students who are interested in a career in medicine. Participants will complete a research project under the leadership of a research mentor and also directly observe clinical patient care while spending time with resident and attending physicians.

There are two major tracks within the VSSA; the Basic Science Programs for undergraduates interested in careers in research, and the Undergraduate Clinical Research Internship Program for undergraduates who wish to pursue a career in medicine. Participation in any one of the Summer Science Academy programs is a valuable learning experience that enhances a student's skills and makes him or her more competitive for acceptance to frontline graduate programs. 


Virginia Commonwealth University Summer Academic Enrichment Program

The Summer Academic Enrichment Program is an intensive, six-week inter-professional academic enrichment program designed to enhance the academic preparation of junior and senior undergraduate students, and post-baccalaureate students, actively pursuing enrollment in a health professions school.

Contact: (804) 827-0982 or 


Yale University: Biological Training and Enrichment Program (BioSTEP)

BioSTEP provides intensive, short-term summer research training for undergraduates, especially students from groups underrepresented in biomedical sciences at research-intensive universities. Trainees conduct research projects for 10 weeks in laboratories and training sites at Yale School of Medicine and the West Haven Veterans Administration Medical Center. Each student works in the laboratory of a Yale faculty member who serves as a mentor.

Contact information: 
Office of Multicultural Affairs
Yale School of Medicine
P.O. Box 208036 New Haven CT 06520-8036
Phone: (203) 785-7545
Fax: (203) 737-5507

Optometry Programs

Illinois College of Optometry - Focus on Your Future

The Illinois College of Optometry holds an annual summer program for underrepresented minority undergraduate students. The program is a week-long experience that will expose undergraduate students to the profession of optometry in a variety of settings. Participants will have the opportunity to meet and work with current optometry students, ICO Faculty & Staff, as well as practicing optometrists.

Contact Information:
Teisha Johnson
Phone: (312) 949-7400

The Ohio State University - I-DOC

The Improving Diversity in Optometric Careers program is an intensive three-day program for people from an underrepresented ethnicity interested in finding out more about an optometric career. The program provides information about optometry through hands-on experiences, and it aims to increase the number of underrepresented ethnic minority optometrists.

Contact Information:
Justin Griest
Phone: (614) 292-8825


University of California, Berkeley - Opto-Camp

The goal of Berkeley Optometry's Opto-Camp is to introduce underrepresented and first generation pre-health science majors to Optometry as a potential future career track and to prepare them to be successful applicants to optometry school. The objective of Berkeley Optometry's Opto-Camp is to present a three-day in residence experience that will provide participants with opportunities to learn about the profession of optometry and the process of becoming an optometrist.

Contact Information:
Heather Iwata
Phone: (510) 642-9537