Prospective UM Students

The University of Maryland, College Park is a great place to be for your undergraduate pre-medical/dental education. You can choose among 110 different majors, whether it is in natural sciences, social sciences, humanities or the arts. The choice is up to you.

The Health Professions Advising Office (HPAO) can help ensure that you complete the pre-requisite courses for medical or dental school, regardless of your major. In addition to making sure you understand the prerequisites, we can also assist you in gaining the best experiences possible to prepare you for medical/dental school. The College Park community is filled with numerous clinical and community experiences, campus leadership possibilities and other experiential activities that will help you to become a more informed and competitive candidate. College Park is located among cutting-edge health and research institutions such as the NIH and the USDA to name a few.

The HPAO assists over 330 students a year in the medical/dental professions application process. Students from the University of Maryland are currently enrolled in 86 of the 130 medical schools in the United States.

The first step to successful preparation is making a commitment to your decision to pursue the medical profession. This will require a strong work ethic and determination for academic excellence. In addition, becoming strategic and resourceful in finding and seizing opportunities will strengthen your medical professions profile.

Be mindful that the medical professions are looking for well-rounded and broadly-educated students. Profiles include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic Ability/Performance
  • Performance on Test Scores (MCAT/DAT/OAT)
  • Practical Healthcare Experiences (Only those obtained in college will be considered)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Statement
  • Community Service/Extracurricular Activities (Only college activities will be considered)
  • Personal Qualities & Skills
  • Professional School Interview

The HPAO also provides a number of small group informational workshops that cover the topics listed above and assist Maryland students in building a strong profile for their professional school application. We encourage all current pre-health students at Maryland to register with our listserv, as this is a valuable tool for our office to relay any health related activities to these students. There are several pre-health student organizations on-campus that often co-host events with the HPAO. In addition, we host several school visits, an annual Recruitment Fair, and Alumni Advice Day.
As students embark on the application process for medical/dental school, the HPAO provides a number of services to make this process more efficient and less stressful. Aside from specific advising for this group of students, we have a full range of services that includes a helpful review of credentials, letters or recommendation collection and forwarding service, and mock interview. 

The University of Maryland, College Park does not offer the degree programs that we assist our students in preparing for. We offer the pre-requisite courses to prepare you for your future professional program.
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