Educational Requirements

Students complete all prerequisite courses at an accredited college or university and then apply for admission to a professional school to complete the 3-year Doctoral professional coursework, which includes classroom laboratory, and clinical education. In 2015 a Master's degree will no longer be sufficient for clinical practice according to the American Physical Therapy Association.

Admission to professional schools is competitive and is not guaranteed by the University of Maryland. Contact professional programs for most current requirements. NOTE: Pre-Physical Therapy is not a degree-granting program at the University of Maryland - College Park. 

Typical pre-requisite courses include, but are not limited to:


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General Biology        Microbiology           Inorganic and Organic Chemistry        Introduction to Psychology                    Statistics        Advanced Psychology        Human Anatomy and Physiology        Upper Level Biology with Lab                                 Physics     Mathematics 

Students are encouraged to research Physical Therapy programs to which they want to apply in order to obtain the most accurate list of pre-requisite courses.

To search for a professional Physical Therapy program please visit: APTA Directory of Accredited Schools 

University of Maryland Baltimore-Physical Therapy Prerequisites 

12 credits general biology

Biology I: BSCI 170/171 (Formerly BSCI 105 for student who matriculated prior to Fall 2016).

Anatomy & Physiology I & II w/Lab: BSCI 201 & 202

Suggested: Microbiology: BSCI 223

8 credits

Chemistry I: CHEM 131 & 132
Org. Chem I: CHEM 231 & 232

*Note: If you are going to major in Biology or Chemistry, then you should take Organic CHEM 1 to fulfill this as your second required Chemistry Course. Some DPT Programs also may want Organic CHEM 1 as your second required Chemistry course

8 credits with lab

Physics I: PHYS 121
Physics II: PHYS 122

3 credits

Intro to Statistics: STAT 100

3 credits

Intro to Psychology: PSYC100 (Prerequisite)                            PSYC 353, EDHD 320, EDHD 460


HUMAN BEHAVIOR                     3-6 credits

Additional to the Abnormal Psychology or Developmental Psychology already listed

PSYC 235, 334, 336, 355, 356, 357

EDHD 460

Additional Application Requirements for UMB’s DPT program

  • Bachelor’s Degree (any major)

  • Minimum 3.5 Overall GPA

  • Minimum 3.5 GPA in all of the pre-requisite coursework with no pre-requisite grade below a C in any pre-requisite course.

  • Submission of GRE (Graduate Record Exam) scores.

  • Completion of at least 100 hours of documented work or volunteer experience, under the supervision of a licensed PT.

  • Documented volunteer activities and community service. Acceptable experience must be non-PT related, and may include participation in college and university groups that provide service, cultural and faith-based groups, and national, regional, state, or local organizations.

  • Submission of 3 reference letters (including one from a PT employed at the applicant’s work or volunteer site; one from a community service representative; and one from the academic setting).

  • A current CPR for professional rescuer and Basic First Aid Certification prior to the start of the DPT program

  • Completion of a statement of “Professional Goals”. Discuss why you have chosen to pursue a career in PT. (see DPT application)

  • Check on-line for additional application and prerequisites requirements: