What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapists (PT) provide services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or disease. They restore, maintain, and promote overall fitness and health. The main goal of a PT is to return the patient to their full functioning independence.

Pre-Physical Therapy Information Sheet

Definition taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook


Regional Professional School Programs for a Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy

University of Maryland at Baltimore (UMB)

University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES)

Howard University

University of Delaware

The George Washington University
(202) 994-5105


Physical Therapy Resources

Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service

American Physical Therapy Association

Bureau of Labor and Statistics: Occupational Outlook for Physical Therapists


Application Requirements for UMB's DPT program


Bachelor's Degree (any major)

  • Successful completion (a grade of C or better) of 26 specified credit hours of prerequisite coursework.
  • Submission of GRE (Graduate Record Exam) scores.
  • Completion of at least 100 hours of documented work or volunteer experience in a PT setting.
  • Documented volunteer community service. This is philanthropic volunteer service (i.e. helping the homeless, volunteering with the American Red Cross, teaching disadvantaged youth how to read, etc.) The philanthropy for which you volunteer does NOT have to be related to a career in physical therapy.
  • Submission of 3 reference letters (including one from a PT employed at the applicant's work or volunteer site; one from a community service representative from a site listed on the applicant's personal date form).
  • A current CPR certificate.
  • Completion of a Personal Data Form (see the UMB-DPT admission application).
  • Completion of a statement of "Professional Goals".

For information on UMB's Early Provisional Admission option, contact UMB at 410-706-7721.

Note: The professional DPT curriculum at UMB takes three years to complete.

Pre-Physical Therapy is not a degree-granting program at UM-College Park. The above prerequisites are required prior to matriculation into the professional curriculum for UMB. Admission to professional schools is competitive and is not guaranteed by UM. Note: Admission requirements vary depending upon the institution and prerequisites are subject to change. Contact programs directly for their most current requirements!