Early Assurance Program Guideline for UMCP with the GW University of Medicine and Health Sciences


The Early Assurance (Early Selection) Program of The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences (http://smhs.gwumc.edu) is intended to encourage talented and committed undergraduate sophomore students, who have achieved academic distinction to gain a provisional early acceptance to the M.D. program. Accepted students will have considerable flexibility in both sequencing and completing premedical requirements, thus allowing them to pursue varied academic interests, including the addition of liberal arts coursework.  Interested students must declare their interest in the GWEA program with Nick Celedon through one-on-one advising by the end of the Fall semester Sophomore year.  


  1. Eligibility: Competitive students for the program must demonstrate high academic achievement in both science and non-science curriculum. To be eligible, a student has to have achieved a minimum 3.5 overall GPA and no science grade lower than B- by the end of their third semester with a major or minor in the Humanities. To continue eligibility and an eventual contract to the M.D. program, the student must maintain a minimum 3.6 overall GPA through the completion of their undergraduate program.

  2. Residence: Applicants should be in the second semester of their sophomore year. Applicants should be completing four semesters at University of Maryland, College Park through the liberal arts college and have completed a minimum of 60 credits by the end of the semester during which they apply.* Students must complete their undergraduate degree. Those with less than 60 credits will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Students transferring into their sophomore year at University of Maryland, College Park are ineligible.

    *In a situation where a student was admitted to UMD, CP spring semester and completed fall in an approved college, a case-by-case review will be done.

  3. Courses: We require students to have completed a minimum of four pre-medical science courses by the end of their fourth semester at University of Maryland, College Park. These courses must be two semesters of Chemistry and two semesters of Biology or Physics.

  4. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Scores: Students must self-report SAT (or ACT) scores on the application plus submit high school transcripts. These are the only test scores that we expect to receive.

  5. Application: In addition to the application, the student will be required to submit a description of their academic goals for the last two years of college. Please include a two-year projection of specific coursework. Students must tell us how their course work and academic plans might change if they are accepted. An honest and complete statement of planned courses (including, when possible, course names and numbers) and projects will be expected. The application, three letters of recommendation and other materials are required by the date set forth by the University of Maryland, College Park Health Professions Advising Office. Please submit all

    application materials directly to the University of Maryland, College Park Health Professions Advising Office. Some applicants will be invited for an interview on the GWU campus. The Medical School’s Committee on

Fall 2013

Admissions will review applications and make final decisions. Accepted students are required to meet with Diane P. McQuail, Assistant Dean of Admissions and Coordinator of this program to finalize any program changes.


The School of Medicine and Health Sciences is committed to selecting gifted and sensitive students who can be expected to have distinguished careers as physicians. Specifically, we want students who will take advantage of GW’s unique opportunities. Criteria will include high school performance, grades in the first two undergraduate years, performance on the SAT or ACT, extracurricular activities, letters of evaluation, and content and presentation of the application.

A very small number of applicants will be invited for interviews. There is no minimum or maximum number for selection. Please note this is a very competitive program. Selected applicants will be those academically gifted who appear to have, in addition to the maturity necessary to make a career decision at this stage, the ability to make the best use of a broader range of undergraduate education opportunities that selection for this program will encourage. An important consideration for selection will be the student’s planned educational program during the remainder of the undergraduate years. We require continued academic rigor.


It is our intent to matriculate all students selected under this program. However, to ensure that our medical students are of the highest caliber, both academically and personally, acceptance into the M.D. program is provisional. All stated requirement on the M.D. Admissions website must be met.

Following each of the four remaining semesters at University of Maryland, College Park, students are required to submit, for review by the Assistant Dean of Admissions, (a) an academic transcript (study abroad work must show grades achieved), (b) a list of courses scheduled for the coming semester, and (c) a brief update on activities and involvement for the previous semester. Students are expected to be further involved in dynamic experiences, including service, clinical, and leadership opportunities. Completion of planned courses; meeting all requirements for admission to medical school except scores on the MCAT; minimum overall grade point average of 3.6 with a grade of B- or better in all science coursework*; and having had no substantiated allegations of inappropriate academic or personal comportment will be expected. Students are expected to contact Nick Celedon, Health Professions Advising Office Advisor, and Dean McQuail immediately if they have issues at any time. If questions arise suggesting that a student may not be acceptable to the medical school, the student will be warned in writing as soon as possible. Students must maintain their relationship with their undergraduate academic advisors and receive their baccalaureate degree before matriculation into the M.D. program.

A University of Maryland student who is admitted to the program is expected to attend The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences; therefore this is a binding program. The University requires that the student solidify his commitment by applying to The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences via the AMCAS Early Assurance Program during the summer following the junior year. If all remaining conditions are met, the acceptance is assured. While The University hopes that the student accepted into the program will want to attend The George Washington University School of Medicine, the student will be free to give up the seat during the summer following the junior year. Students are responsible for notifying, in writing, both the Dean of Admissions of The George Washington University School of Medicine and the Advisory Committee at The University of Maryland of the intention to continue in the program or to withdraw from the program during the summer following the junior year.


Fall 2013

Students in the Early Assurance Program do not take the MCATs. Students must inform the Dean of Admissions at The George Washington University of their intention to take the MCATs and withdraw from the Early Assurance Program.

*A grade below a B-, a grade of incomplete, or a semester GPA below 3.6 could be grounds for the student being dropped from the program or not being certified for matriculation. Students who fall into this category will be placed on a probational status by the Early Assurance Committee.

Students must meet the provisions set forth in this document.