Clinical Shadowing Opportunities

Guidelines for Clinical Shadowing

The guidelines on this PDF were established by the AAMC in collaboration with medical school and pre-medical advisor working groups.


Clinical Shadowing Binder

The binder is located in the HPAO and consists of a list of physicians and dentists who have Clinical Shadowing positions available within their various clinics.

It may be helpful to complete HIPAA certification as you seek clinical experiences as some sites may require it or highly encourage it.

Hospitals and Clinics

Scribe Programs

Summer Research Associates Programs

General Volunteering and Stepping Stones

  • Washington Adventist Hospital: (301-891-5444)
  • Shady Grove Adventist Hospital: (301-279-6111)
  • Mobile Medical Care, INC: (301-493-2400)

Osteopathic Physicians

Students should also consult local physicians and dentists listed in our office binder who mentor UMD students. This is available in the HPAO for UMD students and alumni. Students may also call the osteopathic medical schools to request suggestions for an alumni/mentor in their area.

Local EMT Training