Successful applicants to health professional schools have strong performance in science courses and high standardized test scores.

In addition, though, successful candidates have clinical medical experience, public speaking ability, active involvement in leadership and community service, and participation in things that set them apart, such as study abroad, research, and other forms of contributing to campus and the community. It is these sorts of experiences that students can speak about in interviews that show that they aren't just excellent students, but also that have had life experiences that have helped them to develop empathy, humanism and an understanding of a diversity of people and situations - and also have allowed them to be sure of their chosen profession.

These pages are designed to provide a jumping off point for students to discover meaningful experiential activities that will help them to discover who they are as people and why their chosen profession is right for them. It is not an exhaustive list, but one that should help students to see the range of experiences and leadership opportunities available to them.