MCAT registration opens for Jan-May test date: List of April-September 2015 MCAT Test Dates.


Pre-Health Packet available online for new and re-applicants.

Priority deadline is March 2, 2015.
Priority deadline for re-applicants is May 1, 2015.
Final deadline is June 1, 2015.
*Only COMPLETE applications will make either deadline*

Open veCollect account and begin collecting letters of recommendation.



Attend relevant workshops sponsored by the Health Professions Advising Office and student organizations.


For dental applicants: should take the DAT no later than July 15 for best consideration and to be a priority applicant.
For medical applicants: should take the MCAT no later than June 20 for best consideration and to be a priority applicant. May or earlier is preferred.
*For optometry applicants: the OAT should be taken by July 15 to be a priority applicant or by October for best consideration, check individual programs for variations.


Schedule mock interview with HPAO upon submitting a complete packet and receiving the e-mail review from an HPAO advisor.


Mock interviews commence.

by 4:30pm

Priority deadline for submission of Prehealth Packets for first time applicants.

 MAY 1
by 4:30pm

Priority deadline for submission of Prehealth Packets for reapplicants


AMCAS will open in May.
AADSAS will open in June.
AACOMAS will open in May.
OPTOMCAS will open in June.
TMDSAS will open in May (application specific for medical and dental schools in Texas, except for Baylor College of Medicine).
AACPMAS will open in August.


Submit transcripts from all previously attended colleges/universities to the Common Application Service only after your spring grades have been posted. Utilize the Transcript Matching Form on each application service site.
HPAO does not forward transcripts at all.


 HPAO moves to VERY limited walk-in hours. Be aware of this and PLAN AHEAD!

 JUNE-early JULY

For best consideration, HPAO recommends submitting application(s) to the common application service by this time.

In order to utilize the HPAO Committee Process, all applicants must release common application to the HPAO Advisor.

 JUNE 1 by 4:30pm

Final date to submit a completed Pre-Health Packet (First-Time or Re-Applicant) for ALL professional programs; medical- allopathic/osteopathic, dental, optometry and podiatry.

Expect it to take at least 3 months for the committee letter to be produced from the date of your packet submission.

Deadline to establish veCollect account.

Deadline to submit letters of recommendation via veCollect.

Any additional letters for summer internships/experiences must be received by August 31 in order to be included in packet. Waiting for them may delay your application as we can't send out letters packets piecemeal.


Complete and submit secondary applications to schools within 2-3 weeks of receiving them.

As you complete secondaries, request that the HPAO forward your Committee Letter packet to schools by locking your veCollect Quiver and submitting a Letters Form.

 JULY 15

Priority Applicants- In order to guarantee a Committee Letter by August 1, the following items must completed by this date:

  • All individual letters of recommendation must be uploaded to veCollect
  • Common application must be fully processed
  • Test scores must be submitted to the HPAO (June 19 and 20 testers will receive their scores July 21.  This will be accepted for priority applicants.)
  • Interview scheduled and conducted in a timely way


Last date to schedule mock interview appointments for all those who met the June deadline.


First attempt at MCAT must be made by August 6 and first attempt at DAT must be made by September 8 to utilize the 2016 Committee Process. Retakes may be taken after this date. AMCAS, AACOMAS  and AADSAS must be submitted by September 10.

Last day to submit additional letters of recommendation.


Last date to initiate a letters forwarding request for 2016 applications.


Send fall transcript and updates to schools still considering your application(refer first to school-specific information concerning updates, as some schools do not acept them). See a health professions advisor if you have not heard from schools.



Update HPAO on your application status and any acceptances.