Priority Deadline for Re-Applicants: May 1, 2014 by 4:30pm
Final Deadline for All Applicants: June 2, 2014 by 4:30pm

  • The HPAO will not provide an updated Committee Letter for any applicant who applied and was accepted to a professional school in a previous application cycle and turned down the offer because they did not like the option they received.  Applying to professional school is a serious process and applicants should not apply to programs they would not want to attend.
  • The HPAO will not send out a Committee Letter written in a previous cycle. Students must submit a complete Re-Applicant packet by the deadline in order to receive a Committee Letter for the current year.

Who is an HPAO Re-Applicant?

For the standards of the HPAO, a re-applicant is an individual who has previously submitted a Pre-Health Packet and completed a mock interview. Even if you completed the mock interview but did not end up submitting your primary application, you are considered a Re-Applicant by the HPAO.

Are You Ready to "Re-apply"? Here is what the Professional Schools will be assessing: 

There are many reasons why an applicant may not be accepted to professional school. Some of the most common reasons are GPA- Science and/or Overall, Test Score- MCAT, DAT, or OAT, limited patient interaction and clinical experience, late submission of application or supplemental documents, or any combination of the reasons.

Before you move forward with your application, you should consider the following:

Have I strengthened my weaknesses since my previous application?
There is no mystery to this process or secret code you need to break. In general, professional schools are concerned with:
  • Overall and science GPA
  • Personal Statement
  • Clinical Exposure to medicine/dentistry, etc.
  • Activities and leadership, particularly related to community service and volunteerism
  • Research

Have I eliminated any questions/concerns in my application such as the issues mentioned above?
Have I provided myself enough time to build a competitive application or am I rushing back into this application cycle?

Committee Letter

Re-applicants will have their Committee Letter updated upon submission of a complete Pre-Health packet (deadlines are listed on the Timeline). Refer to the following pages to get started:

  • Committee Letter
  • Letter Forwarding 
    • NOTE: Re-Applicants will still enter Wendy Loughlin as the primary author within AMCAS/AADSAS, regardless of the advisor actually updating your letter.


If you have taken any new coursework of any type, an official transcript (copy or original) is required from all institutions where coursework was completed.

Personal Statement:

Personal statements are only reviewed for priority re-applicants.

It is common practice to update a personal statement that was used in a previous application cycle, even if you withdrew your application. Consider including new experiences (e.g. clinical, research, or community service) when writing your personal statement along with the following: explaining why you want to be a doctor, providing some background information about yourself, and relevant experiences you have participated in to solidify this decision. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you update your personal statement.

View these slides for helpful tips about writing your Personal Statement and plan to attend a Personal Statement Workshop (offered in the Spring).

Letters of Recommendation:

The HPAO utilizes veCollect, a secure web-based service for the collection and storage of recommendation letters. Applicants who activated a veCollect account in a previous cycle should not create or activate a new account. If you try to log in and your account is suspended, simply contact the HPAO to reactivate it. If you have never requested a veCollect account, you must do so to participate in the process. Visit this page for details.

As a re-applicant, it is encouraged that you update your letters, especially if you are several years removed from the application process. Consider the following:

  • Letters of recommendation that are one year old may be used and supplemented with new additional letters, however, letters that are older than one year may not provide an Admissions Committee with pertinent and updated information. Please review the FAQ section before making any changes to your veCollect account.
  • You may also choose to replace your previous letters with completely new letters. Keep in mind that two Science letters from professors who have taught you in a classroom setting are still required for professional schools.
  • If you are changing programs such as medical to dental, you do want to update your letters so they are addressed to the appropriate program. HPAO will not forward letters which refer to the incorrect program.

Mock Interview:

Re-applicants will not complete an additional mock interview, as your previous participation in the Committee Process would have provided this opportunity.