Forms & Resources

Forms: The deadline for 2015 has passed.  Please check back in mid-December for the 2016 Pre-Health Packet information.

Please note: Forms with a fee associated will take you to a payment page before you can access them.

  • veCollect Account Request Form ($20)
    • Reminder: Optometry applicants do NOT use veCollect.
  • Letter Forwarding Form (only for students participating in the Committee Process)
    • Submit this form once you have received secondary/supplemental applications (if applicable)
    • This form MUST be submitted before any letters will be forwarded
    • Submit in person, fax, mail, or email to

Resources for your Pre-Health Packet

Resume Template

Guidelines for the Personal Statement

GPA Calculation

  • Total GPA: list all classes attempted regardless of the grade received.
  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math GPA: list all science and math courses (dental applicants should omit math courses as they are not part of the AADSAS calculation)
  • Post Baccalaureate GPA: list classes taken after you finished your 1st undergraduate degree. Do not include Masters or Ph.D. program course work.
  • Graduate GPA: list classes that have counted towards a Masters or Ph.D. program.

Professional and graduate schools, and the application services they use, expect you to include ALL attempted classes (although not "W" withdrawals). Even if UMD has let you retake the course and counts only the higher grade in your GPA, professional schools require that you use both grades in your GPA calculation. This means that your calculated
GPA may be different from the one that appears on your transcript.


For students participating in the Committee Process, you are required to submit your official transcripts (original or photocopy) from all colleges or universities attended (including UMD). You may have them sent by mail to the HPAO (if using Testudo for your UMD transcript, select "Other" from the drop-down menu for Destination. In the address fields, type in 1210 H J Patterson Hall, College Park, MD 20742) or you may drop them off in person. Please note that these transcripts are used for internal purposes only and will not be forwarded to application services or schools.