Facts and Figures

Interpreting acceptance data is tricky because so many factors go into an application. While successful applicants to medical school have a broad range of experiences and backgrounds, one thing these students have in common is strong performance in science courses (about a 3.5+ GPA), a high MCAT score (typically 30 and over to be competitive), clinical medical experience, public speaking ability, active involvement in leadership and community service, and participation in things that set them apart, such as study abroad, research, and other forms of contributing to campus and the community.

Fewer than 50% of all applicants to medical/dental school matriculate, nationwide, each year. In 2012 the national averages were: 45% (Allopathic or MD, 37% (Osteopathic or DO), and 44% (Dental). It is a highly competitive process and one that is as much about timing, understanding what medical schools seek in their candidates and prospective physicians and persistence, as it is about academic credentials. Our number was significantly higher than the national average - 69% for 2013 matriculation. That number might be higher if we only worked with students who we think have the best chance at getting admitted as some schools do. However, we decided a long time ago that our mission is to serve all of our students, give them support and good advice and encourage them to make a good decision about the application process and the timing of their application. Of the competitive candidates in 2013, 86 % of UMD applicants gained admission. This is a number we are very proud of and one that really represents the hard work and excellence of our Maryland students.

The graph below summarizes the acceptance data for University of Maryland students between the 2010 and 2013 application cycles.

Acceptance Rates 2010-2013

*HPAO considers applicants to be competitive if they have the following credentials (based on national trends):
Allopathic: ≥3.5 scGPA and ≥30 MCAT
Osteopathic: ≥sc 3.35 GPA and ≥24 MCAT
Dental: ≥3.5 sc GPA and ≥18 DAT
Optometry: ≥3.1 GPA and ≥320 OAT

The Health Professions Advising Office is here to be a resource and to connect students with opportunities to grow, understand the professional school application process and foster their personal and humanistic development.